The Teaching

the causes and effects of physicality

This teaching is a movement practice for performers. Its purpose is to awaken your connection to your body, centre you in the present moment, and tap into a creative energy that liberates your expressive potential. It is also the study of people and physical alignment, and the unique differences in how and why people move the way they do.

In this busy technology crazed world, our connection to our body’s intelligence is becoming numb. Our awareness of others and the space around us is asleep. People are tending to operate from the head up and our alignment is weighed down with poor physical habits and tension. All this hinders the flow of our authentic creative expression.

Through movement practice, this work connects us to our whole-body awareness, physical alertness, instincts and impulses. It reminds us of who we are innately, beyond our mind made ‘stories’, and beyond our physical habits. It aligns and grounds us in the present moment to feel alive within our being. It finely tunes our sensitivity to the senses and awakens our primal ability to sense and connect to other performers in the space, even when they are behind us. Our need to control or pre-empt the next moment begins to soften and instead, we allow the body to speak, the body to listen, the body to respond. In this way, we invite the unknown into our creative work, allowing space for the unexpected to occur, and for deeper connections to grow.

I offer three workshops, The Actors Body in Space, Masque Expressif, and Embodying Characters from a Play. In all three, the teaching focuses on expanding your range of movement and connecting you to the work emotionally. This is so that as a performer you have larger pools of resources and points of reference to draw on when portraying life, or when portraying characters, and this is not just life as it is on the surface, or as it seems, but also at a deeper level – life in its essence.

  • The Actors Body in Space is an immersion into a movement practice that centres and aligns your body to be responsive, alert and present so that you can discover confident, clear, and authentic expression.
  • In Masque Expressif, the expressive mask teaches you to spontaneously create extraordinary characters and discover the versatility embodied in all of us.
  • Embodying Characters from a Play uses tools to connect you to the text emotionally and physically. You will experience how a character’s physicality is influenced by their circumstances, attitude and emotional make-up and in what specific way these factors are reflected through the body and its movement.


The foundation of the training is based on the philosophies and practice of past and present masters in the actor’s craft, namely Etienne Decroux, Ariane Mnouchkine, Jerzy Grotowski, Jacques Lecoq, David Latham, and Jenny Kemp as well as my own research for over 25 years.

This work seeks to reconnect you with your body’s intuitive intelligence so that you feel supported in its wisdom, centred in its truth, and expanded beyond your current experience.

I look forward to working with you.


The Teaching