the causes and effects of physicality

These workshops are an opportunity for an actor to develop their physical self-knowledge and explore the expressive potentials of the body. The training prepares the actor’s sensory and intuitive body to be sensitive and responsive to impulses, qualities of movement, and to others in the space. This type of training leads to a depth of presence and authentic expressivity in performance.

Central to the teaching is the physical investigation into the embodiment of a character and the causes and effects of physicality. We explore how specific external and internal conditions (i.e. a person’s circumstances and emotional make up) influence a person’s physicality, and in what way these conditions are reflected through the body and its movement. In these workshops actors will learn to reflect through their physicality all that is happening inside the character – to make the invisible visible.

The journey of this investigation begins with pre-expressive movement training and the actor’s neutral body, moving on to explore expressive masks, and finally to character immersion without the mask.

The foundation of the training is based on the philosophies and practice of past and present masters in the actor’s craft, namely Etienne Decroux, Jacques Lecoq, Ariane Mnouchkine, Jerzy Grotowski, David Latham and Jenny Kemp.

Ultimately these workshops provide pathways for the actor to enrich characterisation through physical embodiment rather than by analytical means.