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The Actor’s Body in Space

2-day workshop Maximum 10 participants Pre-expressive movement & the neutral mask

It’s easy these days to get caught up in our heads and feel disconnected from our body, our physical instincts, and the space around us. The problem with losing touch with our innate connection to our body also means we block or inhibit our alignment with our creative flow.

This workshop is a movement practice that serves as a pathway to connect you to your intuitive body, physical senses and impulses. The work expands your whole-body awareness and primes your physical senses to be alert and responsive in the present moment. It increases your ability to be receptive to your feelings, to your body’s sensations, to fellow performers, and to your environment. This movement practice centres your body’s alignment and invites awareness of physical habits that may be interrupting this, as well as letting go of self-judgment that can limit your potential.

The work explores physical actions and the movement quality, or essence, embodied in our actions. You will experience and identify the components that make up a movement’s quality and recognise what information our physical action is communicating to others. This is a valuable tool to utilise when expressing a character’s intentions through action, as well as the beginnings of understanding how your shifting alignment and its movement quality can influence your emotions and thoughts.

This workshop also incorporates an introduction to the neutral mask, giving you access to a state of calm and presence within yourself so that you can discover confident, clear and authentic expression.

These leather neutral masks are handcrafted in France and Argentina.

There will be no shared masks in this workshop and COVID-19 regulations will be in place.

  • Experiencing the difference between premeditation and impulse
  • Awakening the physical senses to be responsive to internal and external stimuli
  • Discovering how changes in movement quality and alignment can influence us
  • Exploring and creating physical actions
  • Retrieving the physical memory of improvised work
  • The neutral mask is action. We experience, communicate and learn through doing.
  • Responding on impulse, heightening kinesthetic and spatial awareness, exploring body memory and retrieval, strengthening presence, refining sensitivity to qualities of movement, and embodying physical actions.

  • An introduction to the Neutral Mask – the universal soul. Aligning our being in presence. (The Neutral Masks are from France and New Zealand)

05 - 06 Jun 2021 Sydney, Australia ReadyMade Works Studio, Level 1, 247-257 Bulwara Rd, Ultimo, NSW 2007

9.30am - 4.30pm

$230 Early bird (Until 18/05/2021)

$295 Full fee
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9.30am - 4.30pm
Actors Body In Space