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The Actor’s Body in Space

7 week course - Thursday evenings Maximum 16 participants Pre-expressive movement training and the neutral mask

The purpose of this work is to prepare the actor’s sensory body for working with the expressive mask and embodying character practices. This preparation explores heightening sensitivity and awareness to the whole body in space and exercising the muscle of attention.

The intuitive body listens to internal impulses and discovers the difference between premeditation and impulse. The mind ceases to define experience and in its place the actor’s senses are aroused, responding to the internal or external stimuli affecting them. Tuning into the essence of a movement the actor discovers how the slightest external change can influence them internally.

Through kinesthetic practices, the actor’s retrieval faculties engage, seeking the physical memory of improvised pathways. The actors centered body discovers a neutral starting place, unimpeded by the self, without distortion or unnecessary effort, drawing attention to the body’s points of resistance, and integrating the body in a single image.

  • Physical self-knowledge
  • Total body-mind sensitivity and alertness to stimuli
  • Allowing silent improvisation to develop beyond the ‘everyday’ into a state of calm or de-contraction.
  • Conscious pairing away of unnecessary social habits to find confident, clear, and simple expression.
  • Authenticity and sincerity in action, giving movement density and significance
  • Responding on impulse; heightening kinesthetic and spatial awareness; exploring body memory and retrieval; strengthening presence; refining sensitivity to qualities (essence) of movement; awareness of physical habits; creating physical actions.
  • An introduction to the Neutral Mask – the universal soul; the point of departure
  • (Neutral Masks are from France and New Zealand)

The early bird booking fees are available until the following dates:

  • Brisbane – September 27, 2018