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Masque Expressif

2 day workshop Maximum 10 participants Expressive mask and movement workshop for actors

In this workshop the expressive mask is used as a powerful tool for the actor to discover the potential of their body & its creative expression. The mask like a divine object, liberates the actor from mental limitations, transforming them into authentic and physically articulate characters far from their own personal experience. Through observing the mask and letting it live through their body the actor forgets themselves and embodies another.

The mask is not about subtext or psychological work, it’s about understanding their place in society, their relationship to the world, and how they respond to it. The mask is not directed from the mind, it’s deeper work than that, it will denounce you if you try to direct it. The transformation comes from a spontaneous and truthful place within the actor, and their embodiment of each mask is vastly different. There is no set character behaviour or story, what emerges will depend on who is wearing the mask. The actor follows their impulses and intuitive body and are transported into the mask’s unique world and internal landscape. There is great freedom and beauty in this work, it opens many doors of creative possibility and physical versatility.

Participants will use quality full and half expressive masks, hand crafted by masters from around the world.

There will be no shared masks in this workshop and COVID-19 regulations will be in place.

  • Exploring expressive potentials in the body
  • Forgetting the self and incarnating the other. The mask is a catalyst for this powerful transformation.
  • Bringing the body into harmony with the soul of the mask.
  • Mask Improvisation – the pleasure of playing
  • Discovering the voice of the mask
  • Enriching characterisation and deepening emotional connection.
  • Expressive movement practices
  • Experiencing how unique changes in our alignment affect us
  • Improvised and structured play with the Full masks
  • Counter-Mask
  • Retrieval – identifying the physical pathways
  • Improvised and structured play with the Half masks
  • The masks used are quality masks from master mask makers from France, Bali, Italy and New Zealand.
  • Full masks are crafted by Brenda Monaghan
01 - 02 May 2021 TBA, , ,

9:30am - 4:30pm

$230 Early bird (Until 13/04/2021)

$295 Full fee
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9:30am - 4:30pm
16 - 17 Jan 2021 Brisbane, Australia Zen Space, 225 Mount Glorious Road, Samford Valley, QLD 4520

9:45am - 4:30pm

$230 Early bird (Until 06/01/2021)

$295 Full fee
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9:45am - 4:30pm
Masque Expressif