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Embodying Characters From a Play

2 day workshop Maximum 14 participants Physical pathways to researching a character

This workshop offers an embodied approach to researching a play. It gives you the tools to physically and emotionally connect to the language in a text, to uncover and experience its underbelly, its meaning, and deepen your imaginative associations to the character, and the world of the play.

This visceral research allows you to intuitively explore your connection to the character’s lines, history and circumstances. It allows the unexpected, the interesting, and the magical to occur and imprints the characters experiences within you. This process offers research tools that help steer actors away from emotional wash or sweeping generalised interpretations. It’s a way to unpack a text, moment to moment, without premeditated expectations, as well as uncovering the emotional journey of a character, and understanding what they want and why.

This work also investigates how your character moves and how they express themselves physically. A character’s physicality is not developed through intellectual decisions. How they move must not be based on your physical alignment, but rather, on the characters alignment, in the specifically given circumstances of the play. Through movement practices you will learn to embody the character’s circumstances, beliefs, and emotional and social makeup. You will explore their particular tempo, weight, shape, centre, direction in space, and more – to organically discover through your own body, the physical alignment of the character.

*There are no masks used in this workshop.

  • Movement pathways to presence and awareness
  • Absorbing the research of the play
  • Connecting to the emotional palette of the character
  • Pathways to connect to the lines in the text to uncover meaning
  • Reflecting on discoveries
  • Exploring what happens to our physical alignment under specific conditions
  • Experience the characters internal world and history reflected through your body and its movement
  • Movement practice

  • Research analysis of characters in a scene in a play

  • Embodying the characters circumstances and history

  • Visceral exploration of the characters lines

  • Retrieval of discoveries

  • Embodying the physical alignment of the character

The early bird booking fees are available until the following dates:

  • Sydney – July 8, 2020
26 - 26 Jul 2020 Sydney, Australia ReadyMade Works Studio, Level 1, 247-257 Bulwara Rd, Ultimo, NSW 2007

One Day Intro Workshop 9.00am - 5.00pm

$135 Early bird (Until 08/07/2020)

$165 Full fee
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One Day Intro Workshop 9.00am - 5.00pm