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Embodying a Character

3 day workshop Maximum 14 participants Physical pathways to character - without mask

All bodies are the result of a specific history and circumstances. In this workshop you will begin to understand what other body’s feel – the causes and effects of physicality. Physicality isn’t a question of form but how the internal is reflected through the body. The arm, the knee, the feet, the back, these too can be reflections of the inner person.

With the neutral body being the source of discovery, the actor experiences a person’s given circumstances and factors about his or her life (i.e. work, status, emotional and social makeup). By placing a specific weight, alignment, tempo, direction in space, by finding where the breath is centered, by exploring to what extent the muscles are taut, and so on – the actor organically discovers through their own body, the physical experiences of the character.

  • Exploring what happens to a body under specific conditions
  • Experiencing ‘outside – in’ practices and how they affect the performer internally
  • Total immersion into characters
  • Structured play – deepening emotional connection and physical embodiment
  • Creating dramatic situations—building on the work explored (in longer intensive workshops only).
  • Expressive movement training; the role of the breath and the spine; refining sensitivity to qualities(essence)of movement and rhythm; responding on impulse; heightening kinesthetic and spatial awareness
  • Improvised and structured play – solo and group work
  • Examining and retrieving physical explorations
  • Group devised dramatic situations (in longer intensive workshops only)
  • There are no masks used in this workshop